Kosi Division Saharsa has been created on Date 02.10.1972. Whose administrative headquarters is Saharsa district. It is located in 25.880N and 86.60E under Mithila region. Its boundary is the Himalayas (Nepal) in the north, the Bagmati river in the south, the Sursar river in the east and the Kosi river in the west. In the establishment period, the Kosi division was Saharsa, Purnea and Katihar districts in Saharsa. Later, due to the formation of new districts and administrative setup, Purnea division was formed in which Kosi division, Purnea and Katihar districts of Saharsa were included in Purnea division. At present there are three districts in Kosi Division, namely Saharsa, Supaul and Madhepura respectively. According to the 2011 census, the total population of Kosi division is 1,21,20,117. The main cultural features of Kosi division is considered to be the four items here, respectively, Paan, Paag, Maachh (fish) and Makhana. This area is also famous for the cultivation of Makhana. Including many other religious, archaeological and scenic spots Ugratara Shaktipeeth, Mahishi, Sun Temple, Kandaha, Vaneshwar Mahadev Temple, Bangaon, Mateshwar Temple, Kantho, Sant Laxminath Gosai Kuti, Sinheshwar Shiv temple  are located in Kosi division saharsa.