***********   ABOUT KOSHI DIVISION   ***********

Koshi Division is one of the 9 divisions in Bihar. 

Koshi Division was formed on 2nd October 1972.
It contains 3 districts:-

Madhepura District , Saharsa District , and Supaul District are the districts in this division.
Saharsa Town is the headquarter of the division. 
Saharsa is located at 25.88N  86.6E.
 It has an average elevation of 41 metres (134 feet).
 Saharsa and its surrounding areas are a flat alluvial plain forming part of the .Koshi river basin. This makes the land very fertile. However, frequent changes in the course of the .Koshi, one of the largest tributaries of the Ganges, have led to soil erosion.
 Flooding is a major reason for the poor connectivity of the area as bridges tend to get washed away. 
Major flooding occurs almost annually, causing a significant loss of life and property. 
The famous conversation between Mandan Mishra and Shankracharya took place in Mahishi in Saharsa.
After the Koshi flood in 2008, problems of the people have been increased but now saharsa is again developing in full pace.
The literacy rate is 37.47%.
The female literacy rate is 22.64%.
The male literacy rate is 51.02%.

Koshi Division - District List

Saharsa District , Madhepura District , Supaul District

Koshi Division Demography Details

The number of households in .Koshi is 844,085. Out of which rural household is 797,646 and the urban household is 46,439.
Female to male ratio of .Koshi is 91.55%. Female to male ratio of the division is less than state's female to male ratio 91.93%.
It is unsatisfactory and the people should drive some campaign to improve this.
Urban female to male ratio of the division is 85.43% compared to rural female to male ratio of 91.95%(Census 2001).

   1. Saharsa 
Total Population:- 15,08,182 (Census 2001)
Male:- 7,89,432 , Female:- 7,18,750.

   2. Madhepura
Total Population:-
20,01,762 (Census 2011)
10,47,559 , Female:- 9,54,203.

3. Supaul
Total Population:-
22,28,397 (Census 2011)
11,57,815 , Female:- 10,70,582.

Koshi Division Literacy Details - Census 2001

The literacy rate of the division is 37.47% compared to the literacy rate of state 47%.
The literacy rate of the division is less than state literacy rate.
The rate of literacy is very low and needs immediate attention of Union and State Government.
The female literacy rate is 22.64% compared to male literacy rate of 51.02%. The rural literacy rate is 35.52% compared to urban literacy rate of 66.88%.
The rural female literacy rate is 20.59% compared to urban female literacy rate of 55.04%.
The rural male literacy rate is 49.24% compared to urban male literacy rate of 76.82%.

Koshi Division Working Population Details - Census 2001

The total working population is 53.34% of the total population. 63.86% of the men are working population . 
41.83% of the women are working population. 
The main working population is 38.27% of the total population. 55.98% of the men are main working population . 
18.89% of the women are main working population. While the marginal working population is 15.07% of the total population. 
7.88% of the men are marginal working population. 22.94% of the women are marginal working population.
The total non working population is 46.66% of the total population. 36.14% of the men are non working population. 
58.17% of the women are non working population.